Gordon, free software geek, hacktivist, everything you need.

I’m a kind of superhero, pissing code at day, pissing free code at night, and spending the rest of my time joking hard with servers (not the bar type, uh)

“Gus dans un garage”, giving a hand or a beard from time to time. Free software enthusiast. Full-time gentooïst, and Bépo-user because we have to kill some time while compiling texlive (plus, it warms hands). I like to help people by hosting what they need. And I’m security paranoid (but not the kind of security you get by installing surveillance cameras everywhere). I happen to work with some guys who spread datalove everywhere.

With all that, I find time to build IP address factories, children of the venerable FDN. And since we wanted to build free modems, we launched the Nicelab, the hackerspace that smells the sunshine.

As I’m pretty old school, if you want to contact me, you have more chances to join me by email than on any crappy-social-website. It’s quite easy to find an address on which I reply, for example the “contact” account on this domain name. And use this GPG key to encrypt the message. Be kind, and verify the key’s fingerprint:

1633 367B 013F 9F61 B75E BE62 23B8 17F1 8593 65CC